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Hawaii Government

Government in Hawaii is similar to other U.S. states but also has some differences.  The state constitution was modeled from the constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii, modified to not conflict with the U.S. Constitution.  English and Hawaiian are official languages, though in practice this does not require that all official documents be printed in each language or that government officials be fluent Hawaiian speakers.  More information on Hawaii's history: Constitutional History of Hawaii; Territorial Years; and Statehood.  

At the Federal level, the 50th State has four seats in the U.S. Congress, two Senators and two Representatives.   

State government is divided into three branches: Executive; Legislative; and Judicial, similar to the structure of the U.S. Government.  

Local government is at county level only, with four counties: City and County of Honolulu (Island of O`ahu); Hawai`i County (Big Island of Hawai`i); Kaua`i County (Islands of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau); and Maui County (Islands of Maui, Moloka`i, Lana`i and Kaho`olawe).  

U.S. Congress 
Senate Daniel Inouye Daniel Akaka
House  Neil Abercrombie Patsy Mink *

*Representative Mink passed away in 2002. Newly elected Representative Ed Case does not have the official site updated yet.



Executive Branch
Our current and sixth Governor is Linda Lingle, serving her first term as Hawaii's first woman governor and the first Republican in more than 40 years.  Hawaii's Lt. Governor is Duke Aiona.  State agencies are also part of the Executive Branch.  Back

Legislative Branch
Hawai`i has a part time legislature, limited to 60 legislative days, running from mid-January to early May.  There are 25 Senate Districts and 51 House Districts.  The Legislature's Web site includes links to representatives and senators as well as information about the legislature, the legislative process, and how to testify.  Back

Judicial Branch
Hawaii's Judiciary includes the State Supreme Court and other state courts.  Look here to find a list of Back

City and County of Honolulu 
The City and County of Honolulu includes the entire island of O`ahu.  It is governed by a Mayor, currently Jeremy Harris, and a City Council.  You can find more about the history of Honolulu, county agencies and much more at their Web site.  Back

Hawai`i County 
The local government for the Island of Hawai`i is Hawai`i County, which includes a Mayor, currently Harry Kim, and County Council, located in Hilo on the eastern side of the island.  Back

Kaua`i County
The local government for the Islands of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau (privately owned) is Kaua`i County, which includes a Mayor, currently Maryanne Kusaka, and County Council, located in Lihue on the eastern side of the island.  Back

Maui County
The local government for the Islands of Maui, Moloka`i, Lana`i and Kaho`olawe (uninhabited) is Maui County, which includes a Mayor, currently James Apana, Jr. and County Council, and is located in Kahului on the eastern side of the  Island.  Back

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